Donor Honor Roll

updated 11/30/2021


Barshinger Family Foundation
Ferree Foundation
Fulton Family Foundation
Next Generation Foundation
Ressler Mill Foundation
Shaw Family Foundation
The Steinman Foundation
Willis and Elsie Shenk Foundation


Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
Friend of Preservation
William Aaron
Harvey E. Abrams
Scott Smith and Beverly Achey
Nancy Arnold
Michelle and Richard Atwater
Dara and JP Bachman
Mary Ellen Bachman
N. Alan and Sally B. Bair
Seth Bair and Radhika Shroff
Brenda Barnes
Dr. Richard Baron and Ms. Karen Peckham
Hank and Lorraine Bauer
Jean Bauer
Stephen and Karen Baumann
Amy Baumann and Seth Katz
The Bear Family
Amos and Sally Beiler
Samuel and Sarah Beiler
Emily and Gabe Bell
Anne Bennett
Matthew Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. George Bianchi
Carl and Linda Bloom
Elizabeth Bonholtzer
Herman and Jeanette Bontrager
Mary Boomsma
Ted and Jan Bowers
Laura Brenner
Jeffrey Brethauer
Victor and Nancy Brinton
Robert and Lucie Brown
Timothy P. and Louise H. Brown
Brubaker Farms
Luke and Barb Brubaker
Paul W. and Evelyn M. Brubaker
Mark and Dorothy Bruns
Dr. John Bryer
David and Anne Bushnell
Connie Callman
Christine Cannon
Dr. Roddy and Joann Canosa
Diane Carroll
Richard and Amy Carroll
Peter and Millicent Christie
The Cindy and Gene Otto Fund
Edward Claghorn
Sam T. Clement
Jordan Clymer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Cohen
Forrest and Kay Collier
Joyce Collom
John D. and Catherine Cox
Lorelei Culbert
Ray and Memory D’Agostino
Marjory K. Dailey
Thomas Daniels and Amy Moreno
Bill and Sylvia DeLong
Stephanie Deppen
Robert and Linda Devenney
Craig Dirks
David and Beverly Anne Doupe
Teresa Downs
Susan Dyson and Tim Harkleroad
Drew Earhart
Bill and Marilyn Ebel
Steven and Marylu Eisner
Gloria Elnitsky
William Erwin
David and Fannie Esh
Benuel and Annie Esh
Allen Eustis and Mary McKitterick
Lanning Evans
Frank Evelhoch
Dr. Robert and Carol Falk
Donald and Joann Felker
David Ferruzza
Robert and Carol Festa
J. Michael Flanagan, Esq.
Harry and Eileen Flick
Johnson and Johnson Foundation
Harry and Ruth Frackman
Stephen Franz
Rosemary French
Robert and Rebecca Friedrich
Michael and Kimberly Fruin
Tom and Elaine Fulmer
Fulton Bank
Amos H. Funk Jr. and Family
Andrew M. Funk
Anna Katherine Funk
Phillip and Kay Gehman
Barry and Dawn Geib
Kathryn Gerhart
Scott and Beth Glassford
Lydia Glick
Vicki Goehring
Elizabeth Gohn
Cecilia Good
Robert Good
Robert and Lori Good
Kurt and Kendra Gottshall
Steve and Michele Gottshall
Lonzo Green
Judith and Martin Greenleaf, Jr.
Brian and Dottie Grimm
Dennis and Betty Jo Grimm
Mark Grimm
Melissa Grimm
Edgar Grove
James R. Grube, Sr.
Jane Grushow
Barry and Marlea Gruver
Robert and Shirley Habalar
Howard Hall
Donald and Joyce Hamrick
Suzanne Harnish
Randolph Harris
Constance D. Harsh
Dorothy Hartman
Thomas and Arlene Hassler
Susan Hastings
Wade and Elizabeth Heath
Edith and David Heckel
Nicole Heinaman
Sean Heisey
David Hendel and Kathleen O’Hara
Mike and Dianna Hendrick
Dan and Caroline Herr
Lois Herr
Bob and Pat Hershock
Bob and Nancy Hess
Don and Marilyn Hess
Ken and Jane Hess
Paul Hessemer
Amanda and Craig Hickle
Carrie Nunan Hill
John and Shirley Hoffer
William N. Hoffman
Lynn and Judy Hollenbach
Gary and Sherry Holtzman
William and Eleanor Honaman
Gordon and Carole Hoover
Michael and Debra Hoover
Nathan and Jenny Hoover
Harvey E. Hoover, Jr.
Lisa and Gerry Horn
Robert Hostetter
Bill and Cathy Howell
Bryan and Christine Hunt
Bradley Igou
In Memory of Paul and Jeff Aukamp
In Memory of Emily Mara Barton
Theodore C. Jackson
Hermes Jaramillo
Alecia Jesse
Jane Johnson
Jim and Ginny Jones
Dr. Tim and Brenda Kauffman
Todd Kauffman
Clarence and Jean Kaylor
Lois Kennel
Carolyn Kilgour
David and Christine King
Alex Kirk
Katherine Funk Kirk and Jeff Kirk
Nick Kirk
Knox Tithing Fund
Anne and Tomek Kott
Stephen and Bonnie Kraybill
Susan Kurtz
Joanne Ladley
Diana Lamendola
Brendon and Yvonne Landis
Gary and Brenda Landis
Kathy and Tom Larkin
Jeffrey LeFevre
Milton P. Lehman
Anne Lengacher
Kenneth S. and Lisa P. Lewis
Richard Link
Sue Loewenstein and Ernst P. Harting
Jeffrey Long
Linda and Brian Lownsbery
Stephanie Mackey
Edward and Barbara Maley
Wayne and Marian Martenas
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Martin
Floyd and Linda Martin
Joseph Martina and Katrina Branting
Dan and Elena Martynick
George and Claire Martynick
Karen and George Martynick
Arthur C. Mayer, Jr.
Elaine Mazakas
William McCoy
Wilson D. McElhinny
Edward and Crystal McFadden
James McQueen
Mildred McQueen
Robert Meckes
Melmar Acres
Paul and Gail Metzger
David D. and Kay P. Miller
J. Marlin Miller
Linda Miller
John W. Miller, Jr. MD
David Breniser and Pamela Minnick
Jane Miron
Jan and Gene Moore
Ann Moore
David and Gail Morris
Edward J. Morrison
Dr. Holmes and Caroline Morton
Sandra Mosakowski
Jeb and Karly Musser
Jim and Janet Myer
Mary Lee Nissley
Kermit Norris
Melissa Northrop
Dr. John B. Osborne
Catherine Overbagh
John Panas
Nancy Parker
Peter Parsil and Brooke Minnich
David Paxson
Neal and Dottie Pedersen
Susan Petrie
Emory Phillips
Douglas Planeta
Robert and Patricia Pontz
Kristin and Christopher Raab
J. Ray and Reba Ranck
Shirley Ranck
Ivan and Ida Reiff
Ben and Lisa Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Robinson
Dr. Bruce and Sarah Rodenberger
Ernest and Sandra Rojahn
James and Sandra Roland
Brenda Ronco and Kevin Weir
Nancy Rote
Rottmund, Cheek, Hyle & Co.
Joseph Roux and Diane Nelson Roux
Bruce and Barbara Ryder
Joyce and John Saeger
Salt Street Fund
Francis Sattazahn
Susanna Schaum
Ernest Schreiber
Susanne Schucker
William Schucker
Gary and Christina Seldomridge
Jean Sharf
Norman and Rose Sharp
Larry and Judi Shirk
Felicia and Bob Shoemaker
Drs. Robert and Margarita Shultz
Christopher Sides
Sharon Sides
Glenn Siegrist
Ray and Karen Simmons
Nadine and John Simms
W. Danny and Charlene Slaton
Charlotte Smith
R. Scott and Gloria Smith
Daniel and Mary Smucker
David and Elizabeth Smucker
Marguerite Snyder
Al and Carolyn Sollenberger
Rosemary Sonntag
Susan Spiegel
Barbara Spiegelberg
Sarah Stauffer
Luci Steele
Roberta Stekervetz
Abram and Katie Stoltzfus
David and Elizabeth Stoltzfus
Jeffrey Stoner
Kevin M. Stoner
Marvin and Linda Stouffer
Daniel S. Sweigart
Jeff and Anne Marie Swinehart
Florence Talluto
Christ and Susie Taylor
Marilyn Taylor
Bonnie Tennis
TETO Corporation
Walter K. and Alice M. Trumbauer
Max and Kendra Tugendreich
Leslie Turchetti
Richard Vanderberg
Kelli, Herlie, Olivia & Catherine Velez
Patty and Kevin Ward
Grace Wardrop
Carol Ware
C. Michael Weaver
Joe and Pauline Weaver
Judith Weaver
Robert and Nancie Weaver
Barbara Weidman
Karen Weiss Jones and Patrick Jones
Dr. Amy J. Wenger
Harold Wenger
Dr. Melvyn and Martha Wenger
Robert and Deborah Wenger
Tanya West
Don M. White
Bill and Phyllis Whitesell
Sarah Whitesell and Wan Kim
Patrice Williams
Len Wood and Alicia Conklin Wood
George Xakellis
Dustin and Katie Yoder
Janet A. Yoder
Harriet York
Dr. Nikitas and Diana Zervanos
James Zink